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By selecting Progreso, you are opting for HR software that optimizes your operational performance. As an HR professional, you are given the freedom to address what really matters.  We have developed various mutually compatible HR tools that together form a single integrated HR software package. Depending on your priorities, you can make your HR software develop at the same speed as your company.

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Recruit the right people

Ensuring the right person is in the right spot is one of the key challenges facing all organisations. Whether hiring out-of-company or in-house, our Progreso HR tools will be an indispensable companion for all your recruitment activities.

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Develop talent

Establish objective criteria for your organisation. Discover which skills your organisation needs – now and in the future. Develop learning programmes and define vocational training schemes in order to hold onto talented people and keep their creative juices flowing.

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Achieve your goals

What are your aspirations? Set firm objectives for the entire organisation, for various departments and for individual employees. How does everyone contribute to the organisation’s ultimate goal? Manage this dynamic process and constantly adjust your sights to keep your targets in view.

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Share knowledge

Get the maximum return on your organisation's knowledge. Avoid duplication while encouraging in-house sharing about how to derive the most benefit from exchanges of know-how. Boost your in-company channels of communication thanks to a cross-department communication platform that operates like an in-house social network.

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Electronic staff records

Progreso HR software offers you the opportunity to operate a straightforward, electronically-controlled staff information management system featuring a comprehensively documented integrated and automated record for each employee.

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All online tools for a powerful HR policy!

Your HR software mirrors your development

modular package

Our HR software features various modules that complement each other perfectly. You can start off with one or more of these HR tools and subsequently build upon this in line with your business needs.

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All your HR at a glance

Unique dashboards

Progreso HR software deploys unique dashboards to offer you an overview of your company’s key HR processes.

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Tailor-made adjustments on request


We deliver your online HR software ready-to-run and wholly configured to your needs. Deeper customisation options are available if required.

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An in-house communication system that makes an impact

your organisation as a social network

The unifying theme of Progreso HR software is the aim of optimising and streamlining your in-house communication system.

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