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The competences and talents of your employees are the key to your organisation's effectiveness. But how can you make them tangible and quantifiable? Progreso HR software offers you the tools needed to structure and monitor this complex process.

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Now and in the future

The skills pool available  has to be interpreted properly to guarantee maximum efficiency in staff performance, evaluation and development. Offer your employees focused opportunities to develop the missing skills or insource the expertise you require. 

Kick off with the staff or organisation assets or review what competences are missing at various organisations levels – for today’s challenges and those of the future. Fill the gaps in a targeted way via coaching, on-the-job training, e-learning and various other kinds of training. Progreso HR software helps you to identify strengths and gaps and to develop suitable development paths for each employee. 

Talent management

Identify talented people in your organisation and do your utmost to develop and hold onto them. Make an objective assessment of their performance and potential. Identify short, medium and long-term job and career planning. Keep your talented individuals motivated, so they remain loyal to your organisation. 

Streamlining and enabling

Our pragmatic HR software allows you to create a firm basis in the context of the complex competence development and talent management environment. It also offers you an efficient multi-tier monitoring tool to apply at staff, departmental, organisational and many other levels. Our HR software enables all flanking activities and assists you by way of an efficient in-house communication platform for all your staff-related information.